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Our Story

Church Plant

With a heart for God’s people Rob was lead by the LORD to create Rezarec Church. The name Rezarec means "Because of the resurrection of Christ (Reza) He can redeem every champion (R.E.C.)". We exist to remind people that we were made in the image of God!

The city of Brockton is known as “The City of Champions“ due to the success of native boxers Rocky Marciano and Marvelous Marvin Hagler, as well as its successful Brockton High School sports programs. Today the city is far from its Italian roots and is populated with residents from the Cape Verdean islands, African Americans, Haitians and Hispanics to name a few. Many of the residents are not involved in politics, don’t own their own homes and some are without citizenship or a college degree. Unfortunately living in the city of champions doesn’t mean you’re living like a champion.